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흐릿한 동작

Our History

Creation · Planning · Design · R&D

Our ultimate goal is to grow into a global company loved all over the world by discovering new and valuable stories and producing content that anyone can enjoy.

Explore the new META world where virtual and reality meet, and with strong curiosity and challenging spirit

We want to discover new possibilities and share their values with various people. 

We want to turn diverse and new imaginations into pleasant realities.


| Gangwon Cultural Foundation  |

 'Dream expedition'

| Ali Moly Studio  |

'Astro Station'

| Korea National University of Arts  |

'while you're away'


| Korea Creative Content Agency |  

Domestic animation (initial/main) support project

| Korea Creative Content Agency |  

Next- generation animation support project

| Hallyu International Culture Promotion Agency |  

Hallyu-linked collaboration content planning and development (CAST) support project

| Seoul XR Demonstration Center |  

AR/VR user participation evaluation

| Gangwon ICT Convergence Research Institute |  

ICT convergence product development support project

| Mate Co., Ltd. |  

Nutrient solution preparation VR outsourcing for smart farm

| Korea Climate Change Research Institute  |  

Outsourced VR experience education program production


| Small and Medium Business Administration |

Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Map Development

| Korea Creative Content Agency |

Future robot content development

| 'Delivery Department in the Forest' Aired on EBS |

3D animation preproduction development

| Bombom, Kim Yoo-jung Prologue |

Kim Yoo-jung 3D animation production


| Creation 'IN THE FOG' |

short animation production

​| Pentagon Animation |

15 minutes X 4 episodes design/animation production

| 'Monter Junkies' by Polygon, USA |


| Creative 'Mystery circus' , 'Dream catchers' |

Kids screen exhibition

| Chuncheon National Police Agency Sexual Violence Prevention |

oving Toon Production

| Gyeonggi Transportation Training Center Educational Content |

evelopment and production

| Teacher Yoon's English Class 'Yumi and Friends' |

Create X 24 3D Animations in 3 Minutes

| Galaxy kids |

12 minutes X 26 episodes design


| Gyeonggi Provincial Government |

Disaster Safety VR Game Development

​| 'Urachacha Rachaman' | 

Character development and character development

| Creative O VR 'ball' |

Interactive VR development

| 'Tina's Socks' |

3D Pilot Creation

| Gangwon Provincial Office Inter-Korean Exchange Moving Toon |

roduction of 'Camellia Flower' and 'Kang Deukjae Transfer Student Kwak Du-Pal'

| 'Dreamcatcher' VR |

Interactive VR animation production

| YouTube Animation |

Produced 30 Flash Animations

| Creative 'Hell baseball' |

VR game development

| Snipe Chinese Textbook |

Background design and animation development

| 'Linda's Miraculous Journey' KBS 1TV |

background design development


| spiky fork family |

2 minutes X 42 episodes design/animation production

​| Seoul Office of Education 'Cooking tea in search of dreams' | 

13 minutes X 6 episodes 3D animation planning and production

| New York Scholastic 'Magic school bus 2' |

main design

| 'Munge Airport' | 

3D animation production

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